Saturday, August 24, 2013

Redacted from Chasing Grades

Instead of on Chasing Grades, I'm posting more personal shite here...

We need whatever help we can get to change "I hate school" to "I love school"!  I loved school when I was a teenager.  Not so much in grade school, since I was the only Asian kid in my town and was heavily bullied and ostracized because of it.  Fortunately, that won't happen to Chase.  Mostly, because he doesn't look Chinese.  Not that there's other Asians around here.  But in High School I was popular amongst the freaks, being the only girl with a mohawk in my schools.  And I did not want to be home.  We were poor and homeless during that time and I wanted to be out with my friends pretending to be happy.

Fortunately, Chase doesn't have a terrible home life to deal with.  Kevin had it rough being constantly grounded for things he didn't even do.  His Mother would make him 'fess up' about what trouble he got into, when he wasn't even in trouble.  So he'd lie so he could get sent to his room and get it over with.  She sent him to a boy's correctional school.  He would lie to them and say he didn't earn a home pass so he wouldn't have to go home with them on the weekends.  He'd rather be there.

Thought better to not publicly shame Kevin's Mother on the school blog, and better to put it here.  Since really, only my friends and family read this, and she is neither.  I'm the only liaison with her. Kevin wants nothing to do with her and her husband.  And if she preaches at me again and tries to tell me how I need to teach my son about God, she'll find I was her only ally.  The only reason she is in Chase's life is because Chase wants her in her life.  Not because of me or Kevin.

And Randy is right.  She chose her family and left Kevin as much as she left Randy.  She had even said as much, until Chase came into the picture.  To put it bluntly, I am only nice to her for Chase's sake.  My Mom may have her faults, but she was always loving and supportive as a Mother should be.  She made Kevin's life miserable and constantly blamed him.  And she may judge us for 'living in sin', when we damned well know she married Randy because she was pregnant and they were living together before marriage.  And she cheated on her husband numerous times before the divorce.  She can keep her Godliness to herself, because it is hypocrisy.

My Mom is still in the hospital.  She has an infection in her colon.  Colitis or something.  So, they should be keeping her through the weekend.  She's miserable.  Hoping she'll get better soon and get out of there.  We've seen the interior of a hospital enough with Randy.  Never fun.  Five star hotel prices for being woken up every two hours, poked with needles, and blood pressure machines and the thermostat adjusted to hot/cold, lights on/off...  If she could get better at home, I'd recommend it.  She probably just needs to keep hydrated and take her antibiotics.  I'll call her in about an hour or so to get an update from her.  Let her get some rest maybe.  She's probably been woken up a million times this morning already.

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