Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ripple Sketches for the Gulf

To make a donation for these cards, go to the listing on Ripple Sketches and request by the item number.  Ripple Sketches ATC's 1-6 by GillianIvy

I've recently come across an artist who had submitted her ATC's to Ripple Sketches, to be donated for the Gulf oil spill animal rescue and clean up efforts.  Artists, please check out this website, make a 2 ½" x 3 ½" contribution, which will get a $10 donation to the Gulf.  "Great American Illustrators" cards, which are from professional widely published artists, their cards get a donation of $50.  There are already so many great and wonderful artists who are contributing miniature masterpieces, art for a cause.

I'll be contributing a set of 6 cards.  In mixed media, all are the standard ATC size of 2 ½" x 3 ½".  Some artists have donated works in large format, but most are trading card sized.  This set was specifically created for the Ripple Sketches Blog. 

"Origami" #1 of 6
Chinese Brocade, Silver Sharpie, Fine tip pen, Gold & Black Acrylics
"No Sushi" #2 of 6
Chinese Brocade, Silver Sharpie, Fine tip pen, Gold & Black Acrylics
"Inked" #3 of 6
Chinese Brocade, Silver Sharpie, Fine tip pen, Gold & Black Acrylics
#1-3 of 6
These were from the same sheet of Canvas Paper, sewn, drawn, painted then cut.

When I started designing these first 3, I had no idea what I intended to create.  I had some excess fabric piece left over from the skirt project I had just finished hemming.  I immediately thought of the Ripple Sketches project and pieced the scraps together, and chose an Asian theme to compliment the brocade.  An origami bird to represent the birds affected by this plight.  Sushi to represent the fishing and food industry's blow that has been dealt.  And finally, the great octopus who lives deep in the water and isn't seen on the surface, and will suffer as greatly as all the coated fish that float to the top.

As I got the black out for the oil splatters, I accidentally put a lot more than I had intended on my palette.  So, I decided to do three minimalist dark cards.  To represent a whole blackened ocean and the creature effected by it.  Instead of a full ocean, we see only one animal, its neighbors already having died, the population of the sea dwindled down to one loan fish, one loan crab, and the last mermaid.
"Little Fish - Big Sea" #4 of 6
Black and Gold Acrylics.
"Minimalist Crab" #5 of 6
Black and Gold Acrylics.
"Last Mermaid" #6 of 6 SOLD
Black and Gold Acrylics.
#4-6 of 6
Same sheet of Canvas Paper, painted then cut.

These works can also be seen in my DeviantART gallery.  They are only available via this cause, for $10 a piece.  So my goal is to raise $60 for the Gulf crews.  If you have already made a donation to any of the causes they have, get your confirmation number and choose which card you want.  Go to the Ripple Sketches Blog and contact the blog owner in order to claim your card.  These images are not stock, no prints or digital reproductions will be made of these, they were designed exclusively for this project.

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